Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Weekend Spent in a Palace

I slept in a princess’ room last Friday night on January 16th. The room was filled with books that spoke of fairytales and dreams. The pillows on the bed were covered with wild flowers and dandelions while Princess Belle smiled at me with her big brown eyes glistening as she sat on a shelf against the wall. I thanked Princess Kinsley for allowing me the honor of sleeping in her palace.

Princess Kinsley is the daughter of a dear friend of mine who hosted a very fun ladies night for our closest friends. She made me feel welcomed as she brushed and made knots with my hair. I'm not one of those who dislikes having her hair brushed and done so I enjoyed the combing, brushing, and sometimes pulling. : ) I felt pampered and comfortable. The ladies and I danced, ate pizza, played games and watched chick flicks until 2 a.m. It was the ultimate ladies night. And God knows I needed it!

After weeks of non-stop work and exhaustion I took some time out and enjoyed myself. The busy part of my head hesitated but I’m glad I listened to the voice that said, “Have fun and don’t think about the list of to-dos you created for this weekend.” In the end I was glad I listened to the other voice because I had one of the best weekends in a while. Yea for girlfriends! And yea for fairytales and princesses that remind me of who I once was before I became a “busy” grownup.


  1. Hey girl! Good to see you're blogging! Yeah! Have fun!

  2. Thanks for visiting! It's a whole lot of fun!