Sunday, January 11, 2009

Starbucks: A Place for Inspiration (I wonder what the guy behind me is reading?)

Anytime I want to get out of the house and clear my mind Starbucks is the place to go. I don’t know what it is about this coffee brewing environment that provides such adrenaline for my imagination. Is it the artsy setting? Or could it be the odor of the coffee beans as they’re being fragmented and ground for the next expectant patron? As I sat one day taking a sip of my favorite White Chocolate Mocha I realized that Starbucks isn’t just a place to drink coffee it’s a place to get away. It’s a hangout for friends and family, a place to escape to on a weekday after a long day of work, but I found that for me Starbucks is foremost a place for inspiration.

I remember as I sat drinking my coffee one night notebook in hand a man entered the coffee shop with his daughter. I noticed that he dragged a small suitcase with wheels, which I like to call the roley poleys. Immediately my mind began to work as I created a story. What if he and his daughter were going away on a trip because he just separated from his wife and is now a single dad? What if after being laid off from work he had no other refuge than to visit his very favorite coffee shop and he brought his daughter along for distraction. What if...well, you get the picture.

As I took notes for possible story ideas I smiled to myself. This is why I go to Starbucks. Not only to have a tall cup of my favorite coffee. I go to Starbucks to dream, brainstorm and to exercise my creativity. And my inspiration is not only the setting but also the people who like me are there to dream, talk, relax and escape. Thanks to them I’ve now created a new blog.

Hey, maybe Starbucks will give me some Royalties or a free drink for this Advertisement I mean, blog. (wink wink) : )

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