Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Love My Backspace Button!

One of the reasons I love to write other than the fact that it is therapeutic and fun is that sometimes it is easier than talking. I find sometimes that the realtime verbal use can be overrated. You see in real conversation you can make all kinds of mistakes like saying something really stupid or making faces in a conversation (I'm guilty of this) you'll regret later. But these issues rarely arise when writing. No one sees you when you write and you can delete as many things as you want and get rid of all that extra stuff before anyone sees it. This is why I've come to love my backspace/delete button.

I'm one of those people who takes 20 minutes to write a paragraph long e-mail. E-mails don't have to be grammatically correct you may say. But as a former college English major these things matter to me okay? I'm not swimming in debt for nothing! (Whatever) Plus, I like all that I write to make sense, which is why my e-mails are throughly proofread before I send them out. (Did I mention I'm also OCD? That's another story I may or may not get to) ; )

Anyway, blogs are included in the tweaking process. And even after I've finished a blog I will come back time and time again and change, eliminate, or add words and necessary corrections. Don't worry this blog entry will not be neglected.

Why am I so meticulous? Because I care about what I put out and simply because I can. So if you see anything here that's misspelled let me know so I can DELETE. It's only a click away!