Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Don’t Hoard Your Story

Whenever I come across a lesson, a certain quote, or a principle more than once I know that God is trying to tell me something. Recently, I’ve read a lot of stories of people simply sharing their experiences of survival. I read a quote a few weeks ago that read, “Don’t hoard your experiences.” It struck me because I’ve never really looked at not sharing the good things that God has done for me as hoarding. But I guess it can be similar to not cleaning your house, or keeping items that you never use or wear in your closet. Having gifts and talents, and not sharing them with others is also a form of hoarding and even disobedience.

I went to a wonderful women’s retreat last month, and the speaker encouraged us to use what we gain after we’ve received from God. She said that we often spend time in God’s presence asking for more of Him, or even multiplication of what we already have. The problem is that once God has give what we’ve asked of Him, we do nothing with it. Obedience brings blessings!

I was also convicted recently when I heard a well-known speaker say that he was in a season where God wasn’t giving him anything new. He was easily sharing prophetic words with others and watching God move in their life, but he wasn’t seeing that same movement in his own life. After seeking God, and asking why he wasn’t moving forward, he felt like God told him that he wasn’t responsible with the last portion that he was given.

Let’s finish what we start! There are so many things in life that can distract us, but let’s work beyond the things that keep us losing track and finish. I am currently in a season where I'm working to complete the “projects” that I started months ago. It’s a battle in itself, but can be accomplished with motivation, concentration and being purposeful.

Below is a reference from an article that I read recently in The Denver Post, written by Hoda Kotb, co-host of the “Today” show with Kathy Lee Gifford. Four years ago, she had breast cancer and went through a divorce in the same year. While on a business trip, she sat next to a man who taught her something valuable. After she shared about her experience with breast cancer, she feared what he would say to others about her. His response was, “Breast cancer is part of you, like getting married or working at NBC. You can put stuff deep in your pockets and take it to your grave or you can help somebody. Don’t hog your journey; it’s not just for you.”

Check out these points from the article:

1. Surround yourself only with people who fill you up.

2. Don’t sweat the little stuff—90% of what you worry about won’t happen.

3. If you’re still standing after surviving an illness or death of a loved one or whatever your cross to bear is, you get four words: You Can’t Scare Me. Use them.

4. Don’t hog your journey; share it to help others.

One of the greatest things that we can do with what we've been taught is to bless others with it…I’m still learning how to do that myself.

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