Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Staff

I've been hearing a lot of references to the story of Moses lately, and usually when I hear something mentioned repeatedly I know that God is trying to say something. Moses was a man who made a decision that changed his life forever. He killed a soldier that was mistreating a slave. Because of this he was banished and was to live a life in total isolation. He lost all the privileges of his former life and lived as a common man, even developing a speech impediment.

Years later, God appears to Him unexpectedly through the fires of a burning bush. God calls out to Moses bidding him to free the slaves from Egyptian captivity and abuse. Moses looks at himself and his circumstances and questions God. How could someone who killed a man and lost everything, including his reputation go before a Pharoah and speak on God's behalf? Rather than leave Moses to wrestle with his insecurities, and feelings of inferiority, God equips Moses for the call. God gives Moses a staff and tells him to put it on the ground. The staff then becomes a snake as a sign and a wonder for the people to see and trust that he truly is called by God. Moses continues to question until the very staff in his hand becomes a snake.

Moses was successful in fulfilling God's mandate because he looked past his insecurities and put all his trust in God. I sometimes feel like Moses. I question God in what I feel that He's called me to. How can I go out into the world and do what He's asked of me? Who am I?

But like Moses I often ask God to provide me with my own staff. I ask Him to give me the words and the wisdom to do and say what He's asked me to. And I find comfort in knowing that as long as I trust in Him and let Him lead that I can do whatever He says to do even when I'm afraid or feel unprepared. If God can give Moses a staff then I know He'll give me my staff in the package that He decides......What is your staff?

"God doesn't call the qualified. He qualifies the called." ~unknown

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