Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another little tree

When I was little I enjoyed watching reruns of Bob Ross painting on television. He always had a way of creating the most amazing sceneries. One thing he loved to do was add trees to his paintings. He would paint a tree or two and sometimes he would add so many trees that it seemed he was ruining the picture. I would think he messed up the painting when in the end he would add enough color and dimension that it all seemed to work together.

Rob Ross’s trees remind me of life. We often do things in life that to some may seem wrong or abnormal. I know in life I’ve made decisions that have caused others to question my ideals and motives. Because in my mind I knew the vision and big picture, I continued to do what I believed I should do even though others seemed uncertain and often voiced their disapproval.

In my faith walk, I don’t always understand what God is doing in my life either. I’m a pretty honest person and will often voice my thoughts to God and even argue with him over things that I don’t understand. I often don’t understand or see the big picture. And then a little “tree” appears somewhere in my life and it seems wrong somehow. But in the end it always seems to come together somehow.

The next time I watch another rerun of Bob Ross paint I’ll sit back and enjoy it rather than argue with him. Because I’ve learned from watching him paint in the past that even though his little trees seem out of place in the beginning, it always completes every painting he’s started. It all comes together in the end.

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