Sunday, February 15, 2009

Words Spoken to a King are a Legacy

She stood up before hundreds and spoke up. A townhall meeting filled with countless people, a planned event for question and answer became the opportunity for one woman to speak to the most important leader in the nation. She simply asked, “Please, help”

In a moment in time Henrietta Hughes, a 60 year-old woman from Fort Myers, Florida became the “face of the financial crisis” after boldly asking the president to help her and her son who found themselves homeless and living in their car. She asked him for a kitchen and a bathroom. The president planted a kiss on her cheek while onlookers gasped and the paparazzi competitively rushed to take the first pictures of this eventful display. In a moment this simple woman became famous and her name and face the topic for countless news services and websites.

Henrietta, a simple, homeless woman stood boldly, in a broken state before a “king” and made a petition. Many questioned her appearance. Was she picked to be there? Was this a planned display to add to the president’s already high approval rates? How did she get to the front of the line anyway? Was it pure determination or was it was it all a con?

I found Henrietta's actions to be parallel to that of many heroic women mentioned in the Bible. From the woman who poured her expensive perfume on Jesus and wiped the tears she wept on him with her hair, to Esther making her request before the king and his men, to the crippled woman who didn’t speak but simply touched the robe of Jesus.

Henrietta Hughes will be remembered in history for her simple boldness. There is currently a website, ( created in Henrietta's honor to highlight the circumstances that many others like her are suffering because of the weary economy. This simple woman will be forever remembered simply for speaking. When was the last time your bold actions earned you recognition before man? Something to think about and perhaps aim for…

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