Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Potential of Life


Do you remember this intense commercial from Super-bowl night? Think back to all the commercials you saw that night. Those who got a glimpse of that random pornographic image you're in on this too. Give up? Don't worry you don't have to scratch your head anymore. This add was not included in the many commercial adds to help fund the eventful Super Bowl night. It was actually plugged by NBC. Why exactly did NBC ban this video from being played? Is it because it uses the image of our new president or because it depicts the importance and potential of a life in the womb?

I don't consider myself a political commentator, although I like to give my opinion here and there on hot topics. But this is something that is dear to my heart and I just couldn't keep my mouth shut or my fingers down. I am one of those people who believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live. It's just my opinion and billions of others. But I have a problem with the notion that because I hold to this belief I am instantly against the freedom of choice.

Pause. I will not get into a debate about "pro-life" and "pro-choice" although you already know where I stand. But I do have some questions that kind of nag at me. We are a nation that is divided about war. Many have made themselves vocal about the fact that we should never have begun a war in the first place. I personally am one that wasn't against the start of war but I'm not a fan of the longevity of it or our seeming lack of success. But I have to wonder why the same people who complain about the death of thousands of innocent soldiers and civilians are the very same people who would not think twice about having or encouraging an abortion.

I think the object of this video is to portray the potential that every life has to become something special. That whether or not it is fully human when inside the womb (this is debatable) it could have been something. So my question to those who oppose war but would check off "pro-choice" (as they like to call it) is, "When does life really count?" When did we begin to reserve the right to decide someone else's fate when many believe life was given to them by a superior being. How does one decide whether one child should live or another should simply be confiscated before it ever has the chance to breath its first breath. I don't know about you, but now I'm scratching my head....



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