Saturday, June 5, 2010

Exiting Egypt

I once read a story about a man in Germany who had been in prison for fifty years. After his term was completed he was set to be released. Instead of leaving prison he decided to stay in his cell. The guards tried to convince the man to leave his cell and enjoy his freedom, but the prisoner refused.

How many times do we continue to stay in our own prisons even after being set free? For some of us prison could mean an old mindset, an unhealthy relationship, or a bad habit.

I'm currently living in one of the most gorgeous cities in America, Colorado Springs. The scenery is beautiful with unrealistic mountains that often make me feel like I'm living in a painting. I am often in awe and wonder and I can't believe that I am fortunate enough to call such a beautiful place my home.

But even though the mountains are breathtaking and I see beautiful deer in my backyard on a weekly basis, it took me some time to really enjoy and take in the beauty of my surroundings. When I first arrived in Colorado Springs I was apprehensive. I had been so discouraged in the last few years of my life that I couldn't possibly fathom the idea that I would live in a place of such beauty. And even though my surroundings were beautiful my approach was a cautious one. I was so afraid of being disappointed again that I wasn't enjoying the place that I was in.

The Bible tells the story of the Israelites wandering in the desert for forty years. Although they had been freed from their bondage, their mentality was still in captivity. They literally had to change their thought processes in order to exit Egypt and enter into the Promised Land.

I have recently made the decision (and yes it is often a decision) to start believing that life can be fruitful again. Although my life was filled with much disappointment in the last few years, it doesn't mean that my future will also be. Yes, I did lose a house that I loved two years ago, and had to say goodbye to dear friends, but it doesn't mean that history will repeat itself. I have to learn from the mistakes of the past and accept the losses. I have to daily make a choice to keep my eyes set on the future and what's before me.

I have to believe that the future will be as bright as Pikes Peaks and that my dreams will surpass my highest expectations. I must keep my vision focused and high enough to reach the mountains before me. Life will be great.

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  1. Accepting good things as they come can be hard especially after being dealt such unfair cards. We are leading parallel journeys and yet feeling the same sentiment. Your picture is breathtaking. I am so happy that you are finally feeling like you've found "home." I wish you and J the best. I hope this is where you will plant your roots and establish your lives together.