Friday, March 26, 2010

Even God Weeps

What if the pain you were experiencing was so great that even God wept, that even the angels bowed their heads in silence.

Did God weep during the holocaust when millions of European-Jews were beaten, starved and burned alive because of their race?

Did God weep when the terrorist attack on 911 took the lives of thousands and later brought upon a war that took thousands more?

Did God weep when the 2004 tsunami in South East Asia drowned his children, leaving millions homeless and thousands of children orphaned?

Did God weep when Haiti was struck by one of the worst Earthquakes ever documented? Did God not weep when mothers clung to their babies and many died under crushed under rubble?

If God never weeps or hurts with us then He wouldn’t be love. Sometimes when I’m broken I can almost hear heaven sigh. Sometimes I feel closest to God when I’m hurting.

If Jesus wept for Lazarus after his death and was often moved with compassion by the hurt and suffering of others while on earth then He is surely still weeping today.

Jesus wept. One of the greatest verses in the Bible.

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