Friday, September 11, 2009

"The Pursuit of Happyness": Gaining back what was lost and seeing the fruits of your labor

"The Pursuit of Happyness" is one of my favorite movies. The story of a man not only in search to succeed in life but a man who want to provide for his son and be the best father he can be. I watched this movie for the second time on television recently and was struck by something that stood out to me. At the end of the film, when Chris Gardner learns that he has been hired by Dean Witter his new boss calls to him before he exits the room and gives him $10. Earlier in the film, this same person had asked Chris to let him borrow $10, which was all that Chris had in his wallet. At the end of the movie he pays Chris back the money. I found this to be really symbolic.

How many times do we feel like we are giving of our time, energy and efforts to see no fruits in the end. We labor and labor and at the end of the day we gain nothing. Perhaps the biblical character of Job felt this way as he worked hard all of his life and was faithful to God and his family but later lost it all. I'm sure he felt betrayed by God. But the important thing is that in the end like Chris he got it all back ten-fold.

As I wrestle with God and time with my gifts, abilities, and career goals I often feel like, "what's the point?" because I fail to see the success I'm searching for. But it's important to remember that God always rewards those who are faithful. And even though "happyness" is delayed for a while it will come and will be sweet in the end. Perhaps even sweeter because it was delayed for a while. But I think of the character I've gained in the meantime...Could that be the purpose?

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