Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eagles Soar...and Sometimes Crash

A few nights ago I was getting ready for bed when my dog was acting funny. "What Basco?" I said to him. I followed him out of the bedroom trying to figure out what this anxious animal was trying to tell me. Then he led me to my "office" where my computer is. He opened the door with his nose and settled down on the floor beside my desk. Well, I turned my computer on wondering if there was something I should look at. Okay, you may think I'm crazy but remember the post below this one. I'm always open to signs, okay? I never overlook things that could lead me to an answer especially when I'm seeking them. Well, I go to to check my e-mail when I come across a very unusual story.

According to a news story on a golden eagle crashed into the windshield of a tractor-trailor in Nevada. While the two drivers, one dosing off on the passenger seat, drove on U.S. Interstate 80 an eagle crashed into the windshield landing on the floor. The men, including the officer who arrived at the scene were so taken aback by the unusual situation that they waited for a specialist from a nearby Wildlife Center to care for the bird who had a swollen head. The eagle was apparently "feisty" and upset for his unexpected fall and crash. The owner of the trucking company was quoted as saying, "Never in trucking history." : )

I thought this story was amusing. Here are these two tough guys driving their tractor-trailor when out of nowwhere they're startled by none other than a big beautiful eagle who literally crashes into them. As they went about their business on an ordinary day the last thing they expected was this beautiful endangered bird, that you have to travel to Alaska to get a really great shot of to suddenly end up in their truck. How hysterical!

The reason why I was touched by this story is that I have always loved eagles. My life verse is actually Isaiah 40:31, "But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." This passage has been a source of hope and encouragement to me for years. And just recently as I have encountered some difficult situations in my life I have revisited this verse and its meaning. It never seizes to renew hope in me.

Reading this story brought a smile upon my face. It was sort of a "wink" for me. After reading it and e-mailing it to myself I went back to my bedroom where I settled quietly to bed and Basco lay contently on the floor beside me. Now, how's that for a sign! : )

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