Sunday, December 28, 2008

Weeping for Caylee

I watched a video clip on CNN about little Caylee Anthony, the little girl reported missing and recently found dead in FL.  Since the recovery of her remains the corner in the neighborhood where she lived has been dedicated to her with flowers, stuffed animals, and toys.  Dozen of mourners have visited the site leaving cards, teddy bears and notes for the now deceased tot.  One mourner in particular wept as she read an open letter to Caylee.  In the letter the woman described how as a 45-year old woman she never had children yet was so touched with Caylee’s life.  She mourned not having Caylee as her own and the tragic end of her little life. 

As I watched this video I was moved to tears.  I was saddened and confused at how anyone could abuse or take the life of a precious little child.  Then I thought about the babies in the womb and a question arose in me.  Would we also weep for a life interrupted?  If Caylee had been only a “fetus” and had died before even stepping out into this world would we have wept for her?  If her picture were not spread all over Internet news websites or our living room television sets every night would we have wept for little Caylee’s death?  While Caylee’s disappearance took place before her third birthday I can’t help but think about all the millions of little ones that are never allowed to reach their first birthday.   Who will cry for them?  For all it's worth I will.

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